Welcome to Bizzie Lizzies Bistro, where the only thing we buy in are the ingredients.
Welcome to Bizzie Lizzie Bistro, one of Swansea’s best kept secrets. You can find us hidden away at 55 Walters Road, Uplands Swansea, just outside the city centre. We’re a family run restaurant, selling locally sourced, good  wholesome food at even more delicious prices. We’ve been serving Swansea for 27 years now,  and we are still as  dedicated to offering great  food, in a warm and friendly environment,  as we were when we first opened our doors  all those years ago.
Voted 3rd in the TopTen Sunday Lunches 
Excerpt from the South Wales Evening Post 
3. “We love going to Bizzie Lizzie’s Bistro in Walter Road. It’s a family-run business and we always get such a warm welcome when we go there. They always make sure my baby daughter Kizzie is the centre of attention — plus the food is always so tasty!”
Evening Post production editor Emma Bryanthttp://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/restaurants/english/bizzie-lizzies-bistro/business-9194999-detail/business.htmlhttp://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/restaurants/english/bizzie-lizzies-bistro/business-9194999-detail/business.htmlhttp://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/Big-10-Favourite-places-Sunday-lunch-South-West/story-17524950-detail/story.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
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Sunday Lunch
One Course £9.95. 
Two Course £13.95  Three course  £15.95

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Bizzie Lizzies Bistro
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