About Us
Bizzie Lizzies is a locally sourced family run restaurant with over 30 years experience in our industry.
We offer a flavorsome range of high quality meals. Click the link below to find out what we can offer!
With a 93% recommendation rating on our services, food, value and atmosphere, reserve your place now!
About Bizzie Lizzies Bistro
Welcome to Bizzie Lizzies Bistro, one of Swansea's best kept secrets. We're a family run restaurant, selling locally sourced, good wholesome food at even more delicious prices. When it comes to food bursting with flavour, we sure know our stuff. We've been serving at Swansea for more than 30 years now, and are still as dedicated to offering great food in a warm environment, since we first opened our doors all those years ago.
We're only five minutes walk from the uplands!